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Photography By Audrey Taylor
                           AUDREY TAYLOR
For over 30 years I have taken photographs of the things around me, doing
portraits on location
With a love for photography and capturing life’s moments, I am looking to
capture a natural moment, all on-location, so we are free to choose a location that
will give us that fun, non-studio look. Locations that have meaning for you and
your family are a great way to personalize your photos.
My sessions are relaxed and casual, with the goal of your families’ personalities
being the focus resulting in personalized photos.   Photo sessions will be about
developing a rapport with your family to draw out their personality, and resulting
in portraits with many different expressions – not just smiles.
What to wear:
The general rule for pictures is to not wear anything with large logos.  Solid colors
work well.  However, that being said, I like pictures to show personality.  When
choosing an outfit, make sure to choose something comfortable.  Don't shy away
from bold, fun colors.  When choosing for a family photo, it is best to choose a
color palette of 2 or 3 colors and work from there.  A note about all white shirts
and jeans or all black shirts - let's be honest - this is not a true reflection of your
family.  If you are truly stumped, bring a few outfits with you and I will help
you choose.
Before Your Session:
Once you have booked your session, I will email you a confirmation with details
of how to prepare for your session, clothing suggestions, items to bring to the
session, and policies related to your experience.
You will also have a pre-session consultation, when possible, this is best done in
person, but it can be done over the phone as well.  This helps me get to know you
better and learn about what you are most wanting to capture in your session.  
Spending this extra time before the session has a big impact on the images created
for you.
During Your Session:
Your session experience will vary depending on the subject of the portraits. My
priority is for you to enjoy this experience and come away with beautiful
portraits highlighting the personality of your family.   Length of the session will
vary (again, depending on the subject), but you will never be rushed.

For those with children we want the photo shoot to be fun, so if your children
takes a little time to feel comfortable around new people please let me know so
that we can plan extra time. My goal is to get the best possible photos so that
you and your families personalities come through in the photos.  For smaller
children some of the best photos will be those taken while the child is playing and
is not aware that photos are being taken, so if photos taken at a near by park
bring a colorful blanket and some colorful toys for your child to play with.
After Your Session:
Once I finish editing your portrait collection, I will contact you to set up an
ordering appointment.  Once your appointment is date and time is set, I will post
your gallery for you to view for 2 days prior to your appointment and email you
with the online location and password.  This is the time to email or call anyone
who you might want to share your gallery with.  Share with your friends and
especially any family who might also want to order. Your gallery will remain up
for 2 additional days after the ordering appointment.
Please make arrangements for anyone who is a decision maker to be present at
your appointment.  This might include husbands, grandparents, or parents.
Your order and payment are due at the ordering appointment.  Your order will be
placed two days after your appointment.
You will be contacted once your portrait order has arrived to arrange for pick-up.
Contact Information:
Owner: Audrey Taylor
Phone: (972) 302-1511
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